Compounding Design

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The Gestalt principle of similarity reveals how we organize visual fields using similar characteristics to group, identify and place shapes. We gather and arrange these similars in fundamental shapes like the “T”, “V”, “S”, or curved “C” forms.  The “T” … Continued

Origins of Art Nouveau

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We can trace an influence of science on art through Ernst Haeckel, a mid 19th century scientist/artist who inspired the visual arts through his botanical and zoological illustrations.  The Art Nouveau movement of the late 19th century owes much of … Continued

Pinball Cities

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In rural Missouri just west of St. Louis are lost pieces of the Missouri River.  Occasionally the great river changes its course and leaves a trace like a horseshoe lake as a reminder of its past channel. Near one of … Continued

Jeweled Patterns With Atmosphere

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The delight we find in arranging ornament and discovering  ornamental patterns reaches back to the beginning of human history as we carved and painted our stony walls.  Across time and cultures the patterns grew in complexity.  Even in our most … Continued

Woodland Veils

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We derive much of our image of landscapes from the poet, Virgil of ancient Rome. His ideas were read and interpreted by artists like Nicolas Poussin in the 1600s.  Poussin kept to ancient classical themes while updating the form of … Continued

Acadia in Mist

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A couple of hours south of Maine’s Acadia National Park lies Prouts Neck, Maine. Here was Winslow Homer’s last home, studio and subject. Living on the Maine coast insures many hours of fog bound imagery.  Fog simplifies forms and dissolves … Continued