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(example 1, the underpainting).  Underpaintings are often referred to as the early stage in which an artist loosely blocks in the values, shapes and some texture information.  Later color will be  added opaquely or as a glaze tint  to the underpainting … Continued

Overlapping Visual Fields = More Volume

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 This is the first single exposure.   This is another single exposure which is sharper than the first. I overlay these two images in PhotoElements to create the third  image. After this double exposure I will add another layer to create a triple … Continued

Sequential Motion

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                 Eadward Muybridge set out to prove that a running horse will have all his legs off the ground at one point. By setting up a series of exposures in 1878 he confirmed it.  Not long after Muybridge,in … Continued

Origins of Modernism and Cubism

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      At the close of the 19th century Cezanne wanders about his neighborhood in Aix-En-Provence and occasionally as far as the coast at l’Estaque.  He is trying out new ideas. First, he wants to take the formal compositions of … Continued


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    Earlier I discussed chiaroscuro and its roots with Leonardo da Vinci and its proponents like Caravaggio and Rembrandt.  The Light/Dark contrast principle has utility beyond chiaroscuro.  Any surface plane advances toward you and, the dark territories recede( or … Continued