Cezanne and The Photograph

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    Cezanne aspired to reconcile the experience of biological vision with the traditions of art history (that is the historical forms and iconology of  studio painting).  He intended to put that reconciliation on canvas.  He aimed for the compositional unity … Continued

Double Exposure

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    In exploring the main hall of NYC’s Metropolitan Museum I try many photo experiments. The hall is a rich reference to antique Greco-Roman architecture and, it hold the ghosts of  art history. I tried double exposing photos  to … Continued

Distorting Linear Perspective

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     Flying Down to Raleigh-Durham NC from NYC, I caught this view (see photo) over the Bronx and Manhattan. It coincides well with Leon Bastista Alberti’s  1436 diagram from his book, ” Della Pittura”.   Alberti’s diagram was to instruct … Continued

Reversing Color Perspectives

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The conventional notion of presenting color in perspective is to  have the warm colors recede into cool. This was an observation of Leonardo da Vinci as he looked at his Tuscan Landscape. However, if other perspective conventions are followed such … Continued

Layered Pictures

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I’m traveling now and, I’m about to conduct a perspective workshop here in Raleigh-Durham N.C. for Jerry’s Artarama. I will begin with an explanation of linear single point perspective and then branch out.  Above are two pictures of the same … Continued

Linear vs. Painterly

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       Heinrich Wolfflin, the art historian, observed that late Renaissance paintings offered their terrific sense of illusion because  of a concept he called “closed vs. open form”. One edge of a subject would have a hard defining edge … Continued