Motion In Architecture

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The Roman Architect Vitruvius taught us the value of beauty, majesty and authority in architecture.  From Palladio to Thomas Jefferson, he has his fans. Understanding how to describe the psychological experience of this classical architecture when filled with life has … Continued

Camouflage With Density

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When Emma and Gerald Thayer were asked to help illustrate a zoological book call “Concealing Coloration in The Animal Kingdom” they accepted the challenge. Their particular quarry in 1900 was the Cottontail Rabbit. Their medium was watercolor and, they worked … Continued

Perspectives of Disappearance

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Perspectives of Disappearance The perspectives of disappearance rely on many triggers. There is the proportional reduction of size over distance called linear perspective. Among others there are color recession, overlapping shapes, gradient shifts, diminishing ratio of value contrasts, diminishing edge … Continued