Orientation and Depth

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Among designers’ criteria are the Gestalt principles like Common Fate, Figure Ground, Closure, Similarity, Continuity, and Proximity. This post illustrates a synthesis of these principles through diagrams, photos and paintings. I begin with “Common Fate” because this principle determines an … Continued

Lessons From Rembrandt

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This past week brought me to a variety of Edinburgh’s  national museums and galleries where I twice visited a retrospective of Rembrandt’s work. He explored landscapes in addition to his portraits. The Dutch 17th century was century of landscape innovation … Continued

Momentum II, Update

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Here is a follow-up to a previous blog post “Momentum”. Da Vinci demonstrated the motion of a horse in his sketches. By the 1877 Edweard Muybridge had begun his experiments demonstrating motion with photography. Soon after Thomas Eakins would do … Continued