Under Construction

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Artists painting architecture can be found on the walls of Pompeii. The Roman architect Vitruvius wrote the canonical treatise on architecture celebrated to the present.  His fans included Palladio and Thomas Jefferson. Reconstructing classical architecture and geometry has been a … Continued

Reverberations through Touch

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In 1888-89 Van Gogh experimented with color contrasts applied in a pattern of touches (example 1) versus large continuous blended areas that had been the tradition in landscape painting. He was not alone. In Italy since the 1860s Macchiaioli landscape … Continued

Abstract Nature

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Many of our ideas for abstracting nature evolved from our efforts to redesign and perfect it. We build Edens, Paradises, and gardens of perfection through distillation and reduction. Long ago Japanese gardeners worked to rebalance and redesign nature to create … Continued