The Value of “S”

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    Artists have inherited a form that invites the viewer into their pictures. It’s the “S” shape also known as the serpentine shape, or meander shape,  or  Zig-Zag.  It shows up alphabetically and numerically as the “S,Z,2,5, and the … Continued

Focus: The Camera vs. The Eye

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 I visited my local tidal wetlands this afternoon.  Again,  I lowered my point of view putting it among an aggregation of mussels. The tide was low. I aimed my camera directly at the sun for a backlit ( or contre jour … Continued

Novel Perspectives

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Here are suggestions for photographers and painters. Do you use photographs as an aid in your painting?  Photography has been used by painters since its invention  in England and France in the 1830s. For hundreds of years before then artists … Continued