The Direction of Light

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    You and I have a lot in common. Among these commonalities is our sense of the defining effects of natural light. For a long time we have perceived light as falling upon us from above.  This is natural because, … Continued

The Quality of Yellow

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Without going into yellow’s past as the imperial color of the Kahns or the color of the light of Eden, or the color associatedwith Earth as one of the four elements and, without discussing the historical use of yellow as … Continued

Above, Below and On Water

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      I have considered translucence with you before but, today I have more to add. When Leonardo Da Vinci first tackled the sensation of translucence  while still working in Verrocchio’s workshop, the subject was the baptism of Jesus as he … Continued

How Do We See Figures?

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  3200 years ago ancient Egyptians conveyed the idea of a human form by presenting it as a complex pictograph ( my example shows you the jackal faced deity, Anubis weighing the heart of a man at his death). The body … Continued

Various Strategies to Suggest Motion and Space

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  Margaret Livingstone included this painting of Monet’s in her insightful  and excellent book, “Vision and Art, The Biology of Seeing” as an illustration of  how we perceive motion through blurred images.  Look carefully at Monet’s flags or his figures … Continued