Painting Winter

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   When Monet decided to paint winter he looked for snow because, the glare of the yellow light of the sun on the snow causes us to see an after image of blue-violet. The subject was loaded with possibilities for … Continued

Revisting the Ideal Landscape

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             In the 17th century in Italy were many great landscape painters, Domenichino, Carracci, Dughet and the two most influential, Nicolas Poussin and Claude Lorrain.  They all operated with a formula of composition that descended through … Continued

Turner’s Doubt

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    I credit J.M.W. Turner with a great deal of influence in art history.  His watercolors and oils fascinate me. Naturally, I am interested in what he had to say about the process of painting. If I were given … Continued

Graduating Space

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With the development of linear perspective  artists became more aware of the compositional possibilities  to be found in the principle of  the  relative diminishing size of objects toward infinity.  They observed that all things big and small, diminished in proportion … Continued