Overlapping Visual Fields = More Volume

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 This is the first single exposure.   This is another single exposure which is sharper than the first. I overlay these two images in PhotoElements to create the third  image. After this double exposure I will add another layer to create a triple … Continued

Sequential Motion

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                 Eadward Muybridge set out to prove that a running horse will have all his legs off the ground at one point. By setting up a series of exposures in 1878 he confirmed it.  Not long after Muybridge,in … Continued

Origins of Modernism and Cubism

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      At the close of the 19th century Cezanne wanders about his neighborhood in Aix-En-Provence and occasionally as far as the coast at l’Estaque.  He is trying out new ideas. First, he wants to take the formal compositions of … Continued


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    Earlier I discussed chiaroscuro and its roots with Leonardo da Vinci and its proponents like Caravaggio and Rembrandt.  The Light/Dark contrast principle has utility beyond chiaroscuro.  Any surface plane advances toward you and, the dark territories recede( or … Continued

Color Field Painting, Who’s Your Daddy?

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       All categories are suspicious. They are a way of taking the infinitely complex and rendering it simple. Therefore, they are inherently false; however, they help us organize our world. Musicians, painters, sculptors all dislike being categorized. They want to … Continued