Color as Symbol

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  In reply to a recent blog, Kay Halcrow asked if my paintings were inspired or connected to the burning of Rome. The use of red has long been associated with fire, just as all colors are saturated with cultural … Continued

The Standard Form For the Ideal Landscape

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 In the 17th century Claude and Poussin were two French artists working in Rome. They had perfected a compositional structure for landscape painting. The right or left wings of the painting would serve as framing curtains like the curtain framing … Continued

Erasable Intentions

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Ernst Gombrich introduced me to this idea: as  we make marks our imagination slips away from its original intention and follows the suggestions of the marks we are making. Each mark, each stroke, each line drives us to new possibilities.  If we … Continued

Van Gogh’s Brush

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Here’s how a connoisseur or a conservator would look at a Van Gogh. The painting is Van Gogh’s from 1889 during his stay in San Remy, Provence in the hospital of St Paul de Mausole.   Van Gogh was allowed … Continued

Principle of Radiation, The Sunburst

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When John Ruskin outlined the Renaissance principles of composition, the principle of radiation was a fundamental pattern.  The idea of the radial burst or sunburst (sometimes referred to as the web-in-spokes) is ancient, not only pan historic but also pan … Continued

Vibration In Layers

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Recently,  I wrote you about achieving depth through layers  with architectural images (pics in the Met Museum, see a previous blog). I showed you a sequence of  images being layered to create  a feeling of more motion and space.  This … Continued