Novel Perspectives

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Here are suggestions for photographers and painters. Do you use photographs as an aid in your painting?  Photography has been used by painters since its invention  in England and France in the 1830s. For hundreds of years before then artists … Continued

Change Blindness

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        My old friend greeted me. “Do you notice anything different?” he asked.  Something was different but, what?  He couldn’t contain himself, ” I shaved off my mustache of 30 years!” I had noticed a quality of difference about … Continued

Translucence and Reflection

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If you find yourself standing above a transparent, shallow body of water you will notice that your angle of incidence ( that is the angle at which you look at the water) affects whether you can see through the water or … Continued

Color and Motion

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Color and Motion We see color first because, our cortex receives color information about our world 25 milliseconds before information about shapes  arrives in our brain and then, 25 milliseconds later motion information arrives. Move you head quickly and you see … Continued

Painting In A Series

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For centuries artists have prepared their paintings by working out ideas in a series of sketches and  or paintings. They pursue their idea  through distillation, evolution, modification, sequential invention, altered observations and other forms. For example John Constable would begin … Continued