Layered Pictures

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I’m traveling now and, I’m about to conduct a perspective workshop here in Raleigh-Durham N.C. for Jerry’s Artarama. I will begin with an explanation of linear single point perspective and then branch out.  Above are two pictures of the same … Continued

Linear vs. Painterly

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       Heinrich Wolfflin, the art historian, observed that late Renaissance paintings offered their terrific sense of illusion because  of a concept he called “closed vs. open form”. One edge of a subject would have a hard defining edge … Continued


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         If you worked in either Renaissance or many famous contemporary artist studios you would find yourself collaborating on paintings.  Collaboration is more common now than ever yet, it is  widely unacknowledged in contemporary art because of concerns of … Continued

Stability vs. Vertigo

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      If you read a book on linear perspective the examples will present a sight line ( sometimes referred to as the “Horizon Line”) parallel to the bottom of the picture( also known as the ground plane).  Its … Continued

The Value of “S”

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    Artists have inherited a form that invites the viewer into their pictures. It’s the “S” shape also known as the serpentine shape, or meander shape,  or  Zig-Zag.  It shows up alphabetically and numerically as the “S,Z,2,5, and the … Continued

Focus: The Camera vs. The Eye

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 I visited my local tidal wetlands this afternoon.  Again,  I lowered my point of view putting it among an aggregation of mussels. The tide was low. I aimed my camera directly at the sun for a backlit ( or contre jour … Continued