Simplicity Hypothesis

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Ernst Gombrich proposed the simplicity hypothesis as an explanation of how perception operates.  We scan a territory and selectively attend to just a few objects because, we recognized a pattern of redundancies. Selective attention gives us all the information we … Continued

Winter Atmosphere

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Among Painters who enjoyed winter we have examples from Pieter Bruegel to Claude Monet to Winslow Homer.   Homer’s windy studio on Prouts Neck, Maine was so cold the ice in his water bucket froze if it sat more than 4 … Continued

Time Traveling Bouquet

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Painting Flowers has an extraordinary history. For millennia Chinese artists used floral subjects to decorate ceramics, textiles, and paintings. Eventually Europeans would catch up. Caravaggio presented an early isolated basket of flowers. By 1600 Jan Brueghel the Elder made images … Continued