Leaving Original Intentions

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When  Leonardo Da Vinci advised artists to let go of original intentions he had personally learned that an artist’s (writer, gardener, architect) original idea would always fail to anticipate inevitable changing conditions, fail to recognize incomplete visions, and fail to … Continued

Winter Effects

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Have you seen Pieter Bruegel’s painting of winter, “Hunters in the Snow” from 1565? It’s an early European depiction of winter. Persian and Chinese landscape painters had pictured winter even earlier. By the late 19th century Impressionists from Claude Monet … Continued

Misting the Atmosphere

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500 years before DaVinci introduced s’fumato’s smoky edges and misty landscape backgrounds for his portraits Sung Dynasty Chinese artists had already discovered the value of obscuring mist as a segway between mountains and a method for creating a feeling of … Continued