Reverberations through Touch

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In 1888-89 Van Gogh experimented with color contrasts applied in a pattern of touches (example 1) versus large continuous blended areas that had been the tradition in landscape painting. He was not alone. In Italy since the 1860s Macchiaioli landscape … Continued

Ships, Boats, and Harbors

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Beginning in the 17th century we can track many changes in style in Euro-American art history through harbor-scapes. Maritime business success in the 1600s in Holland created a new type of collector. This new merchant class affirmed their status through … Continued

Claude and Constable in Connecticut

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Claude Lorrain makes his way to Rome in the early 1600s where he develops designs and atmosphere which will become a standard for landscape painting for the next 200 years through  American art of the Hudson River School. He influences … Continued

Atmosphere from China to Italy

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Long before Claude Lorraine introduced atmospheric perspective effects in the 1600s Chinese artists of the Song Dynasty had already developed these effects in their landscape painting in the 10th century 600 years earlier. Among their basic tenets was the principle … Continued

Relocating the Sky

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In the mid 19th century artists like Monet and Manet took a new interest in Japanese pictures particularly the Ukiyoe woodblock prints. They offered new design, color and subject opportunities. Horizons could be elevated or completely removed from the composition. … Continued