Autumn Patchwork

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Colors and the patterns that hold them are highly associative.  Colors are freighted with meaning from “seeing RED” to “I see a patch of red” can signal a vast range of emotion.  The associative power of color can be personal … Continued

Tracing Design across Time

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Occasionally I find a new seam of gold in a mine in which I have previously dug.  With that in mind I now re-examine a familiar design form. When Thomas Cole painted his exhibition version of the The Oxbow in … Continued

Borrowed Patterns and Palettes

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Borrowed Patterns and Palettes Ernst Gombrich’s great insight that artists do not learn to paint landscapes by walking in nature but, by looking at other landscape paintings reveals how artists must acquire a vocabulary of models (a Pictionary) just as … Continued

We have a New Website Design!

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We have a new website design that has all of the information from our past website.   All of David’s blog subscribers should also receive this post.  We have been able to include more videos and more of David’s paintings … Continued