Painting Landscapes with David Dunlop – Oil Painting at Sherwood Island State Park, CT

ONLINE ONLY! Painting Landscapes with David Dunlop – Oil Painting at Sherwood Island State Park, CT.  (approx. 85 minutes in length)   Join David out in the field at Sherwood Island State Park in Westport, CT for an afternoon of plein air painting.   Using techniques of the old masters as well as contemporary methods, David Dunlop brings you a wealth of information, a painting demonstration, encouragement, tips, and insights in this 85-minute online only program.  Learn new methods to dramatically improve your eye, your composition, painting and your landscapes. David begins by considering and diagramming several old master paintings.  He then discusses the composition of the plein air painting with you, diagrams the scene and completes a beautiful plein air painting.

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Section 1 – Discussion of Landscape Painting Composition of Great Landscape Masters.
David visits Sherwood Island State Part in Westport, Connecticut countryside to paint a plein air painting.  David discusses five different landscape paintings from different periods of history by a pantheon of landscape artist greats – van Ruisdael, Koninck, van Gogh, Monet and Cezanne.  He discusses the different elements used by the artists that might be considered in connection with his composition at Sherwood Island Park’s lush scenery.




Section 2a – Out in the Field – Selecting the Scene for the Painting.    David discusses his thoughts when choosing a scene for a painting, allowing the many sensory inputs to stimulate his abilities and imagination, and outlines his steps for designing the painting.   As David says: “Your painting is a poem, not a police report.”





Section 2b – Out in the Field – Discussion the Palette and the Design.   He discusses the structure and design of the painting, details the oil paints that he will use as his palette, and demonstrates a drawing of his design.





Section 2c – Out in the Field – New Techniques and Materials.    David then uses new techniques and materials, including a brilliant ink as an underpainting,  as well as oil paints to create his plein air painting of the scene.  He demonstrates many painting techniques for shaping, toning and creating texture in a painting.





Section 3 – Conclusion.     David concludes his painting demonstration with a summary of the afternoon painting demonstration.  He hopes that you enjoy getting out of the studio and joining him out in nature for a painting demonstration!