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Painting the Sea – David Dunlop Painting the Sea at Prouts Neck, ME
We posted a New 13-minute Painting Video from David at YouTube and Vimeo

Last Fall David and I, his producing partner Connie Simmons, were filming several programs at Prout’s Neck, ME, the last home of Winslow Homer, for our new DVD, Painting the Sea.  It was the last day of our trip, I had packed away our second camera, and we were walking back to the car to leave. We spotted this very evocative place on the rocks in front of Winslow Homer’s studio. David really wanted to try to paint a quick oil sketch to catch the mood, but I was very nervous because it was really too foggy and wet to shoot and I only had one camera. But – as always – David prevailed and we shot this very quick oil sketch. It really was too foggy and wet, we didn’t have the camera for close-ups as we usually do, but we shot it anyway for fun!  So please forgive the blur on the camera lens – we ran out of there as soon as David finished to protect our camera – and we should have left sooner!

12 Responses

  1. Dawn

    You go David! . . . your enthusiasm is as terrific as your painting! Thanks for the demo!

  2. F. X. Rosica

    Thank you for the energetic demonstration.
    Your reacting to nature without hesitation is wonderful!

  3. Jeffrey Collins

    After seeing that. I’m going to definitely be saving my money to buy this dvd set. I only hope this little extra painting experience comes with them. That was awesome. David you have really opened my eyes to the beauty and awesomeness of landscape painting.

  4. Gloria Carbaugh

    The video was wonderful. Thank you for sharing. David’s foggy
    glasses! His enthusiasm and passion! I’m anxiously awaiting the next installment.

  5. Kay Halcrow

    David is never better than when out there somewhere painting with passion and genius and explaining what he is doing, how and why. This is wonderful!

  6. Luz A. Guzman

    Mr. Dunlop, thank you so much for sharing your enthusiasm. It really inspires me, and I really get the point. The painting is so realistic!

  7. Thyrza Whittemore

    Oh my goodness this was fun! Loved being a part of your urgent “one with fog and wind and craggy rocks and salt water spray” experience . . . You continue to inspire the translation of the experience of paint onto canvas.

  8. Fredric Neuwirth

    The big plus was the Turner watercolor sketched in oil. I remember that October week-end with the rain and wind. You were very brave to battle the elements and create a wonderful painting. You did a tide pool as a demo in class and it was inspirational. Can’t wait for the new water video.

  9. Andrea Vail

    I share your passion for landscape painting. Not only did you capture the power of the crashing water but also the color which I struggle with. Thank you.

  10. Beverly

    Hi there! I found you by accident as I’m always looking for watercolor demonstrations as I am about to start doing plen air painting. I love your work so have just purchased your DVD.

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