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  1. Fredric Neuwirth

    I am pleased that you have created this blog as it gives me an opportunity to ask questions that do not generate in class but after as I consider and reflect on your thoughts and comments.

    Painting strategy: As I watch your demonstrations, you apply colors in horizontal bands and then proceed to remove paint and add paint. The scene you are referencing is broken down into a series of shapes and a new image is created that has no relation to the image that you originally used.

    My issue is that my mind tells me that I need to replicate that image rather than abstract it. So where I need help and direction is seeing & a strategy to create an interesting painting.

    The George Inness reproduction that I showed you on Tuesday is a good example to review with you as I need a basic way to start and a strategy on developing a new image. Thanks.

  2. Ma. Aurora de Alban

    Good Morning Mr. David Dunlop. I am very pleased with this accidental visit to your blog. I will be staying longer and my visits will be more frequent. Thanks a lot for your generosity. The information and inspiration generated from my readings will push me forward with my desire to paint very seriously. God bless you with continued health and well being.

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