Change Blindness

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        My old friend greeted me. “Do you notice anything different?” he asked.  Something was different but, what?  He couldn’t contain himself, ” I shaved off my mustache of 30 years!” I had noticed a quality of difference about him but, I failed to specifically identify what had changed. This is change blindness. If he had changed something about his eyes I would probably have noticed because, the eyes are where we make repeated foveal contact ( or specific focus ) whenever we see ( visually scan) a face  but, we don’t usually make foveal contact with beards or mustaches  or haircuts so, we really don’t see them except peripherally. Therefore, we are less likely to notice their changing.      I  put up two paintings here. They represent an earlier  and a later version of the same painting. In the first painting I decided that a particular figure was too large and needed slimming. In the second version the figure has been altered. The principal motif of the painting was not altered. It’s a small girl in white surrounded by dark( adult dark figures). Light areas always advance to the viewer against dark areas.  I only altered the space around a single dark figure  and this alteration, I hope, subtly expands the space and changes the narrative.

  1. Fredric Neuwirth

    The painting on the right has more expanded space; the reduction in size of the dark blue woman pushes the young girl back in space even though the female figure is more defined. I am glad you were able to see it and re-create it.

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