David’s Living Art Award from Silvermine and Gallery Opening

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Last weekend David was honored with a Living Art Award from Silvermine Arts Center in CT, where he has taught for many years.  He was honored along with Legacy Award recipient Ann Weiner and Guild of Artists Award recipients Alberta Cifolelli and Bonnie Woit.  Congratulations to everyone!

The benefit celebrates “preeminent thought leaders in art education who have reached thousands through their teaching, philanthropy and lectures, and whose lifelong educational efforts exemplify a dedication to living art.”

David’s exciting exhibition, Travels in Light, opens at Susan Powell Fine Art this Friday, May 19th,  from 5-8:00pm.   David will also give a demonstration/lecture  at 3-4:00pm the next day, May 20th.
Susan Powell Fine Art  
679 Boston Post Road
Madison, CT 06443
T: 203-318-0616, susanpowellfineart@gmail.com

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  1. Patricia Scanlan

    Congratulations David. You are so very inspirational, knowledgable and talented, but most of all you make painting fun and challenging for me, a relatively new painter. Thank you. I look forward to every class.

  2. Mona

    Congratulations David. You are the best. As Patricia said, inspirational, knowledgeable, talented and making painting fun. If I could I would come over there and take classes. But I cannot so I soak in every little blog and youtube video there is. So hopefully one day, my hand and brain will cooperate well. he he. I do wish you many rewards and recognitions more in your long life.

  3. Caroline Walker

    Congratulations! You bring such joy and enthusiasm to each class and always find a way to encourage students. Your painting demonstrations always impart new insights and your inventiveness knows no bounds. Your unique humor keeps us all in good spirits as we struggle with our individual challenges.

  4. Sylvia A. Keller

    Your art is a inspiration and my “raison d’etre”!

  5. Fredric Neuwirth

    Congratulations, well deserved. I am pleased that your talents and gifts have been recognized and awarded.

  6. Peter Hyde

    Wonderful, thanks for your inspiration David.
    I learn a lot from your instructional DVDs here in Australia – they are brilliant.

  7. Lila Berman

    A remarkable teacher….Incredibly entertaining in his lectures on art, science, perception, psychology, technique, and generous demonstrations. Creates an atmosphere conducive of bringing out the best in each of us. Always encouraging. Relaxing and eliminating our fears, anxieties, and keeps us laughing.
    Has an ability to connect to each and every student.
    Truly a magnificent teacher and human being!
    The only limitation is we all want more of him!
    From your grateful student!

    • Lila Berman

      Forgot to mention that David is a wonderful, talented artist. Sorry to have missed the awards ceremony! Congratulations!

  8. Mimi Games

    Couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy. Congratulations!
    Mimi Games

  9. Lawrence E Stueck

    Your the best painter I know. Inspirational.
    We always look forward to seeing your new work.

  10. Verne L. Thayer

    Congratulations David. Thanks for all that you do for the art world. I love your PBS Series Landscapes Through Time. Looking forward to the new one. Extremely informative and richly entertaining. A fantastic job.

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