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Here are examples of the proposition that no picture is ever finished.  I previously posted most of these images in their earlier incarnations. Now, you can compare the previous with the present.  These paintings have been distracting me in my studio this past month.

First, here is a recent painting of the vista from Rockefeller Center. Example one is the before and example two is the after. I wanted to push the color contrast and the feeling of atmosphere in the after image.

Example 1. Roc Center Vista before.

Example 2. Roc Center Vista after.

Next, is a before and after (examples 3 and 4) of a bridges painting which I built up with successive overlays. In the before example the image canted too awkwardly to the right and lacked sufficient color contrast.

Example 3. Bridges before.

Example 4. Bridges after.

My third comparison has a twist (examples 5 and 6).  The previous image is a study 24×24 for a later version which is 36×36. I had posted the 24×24. Here I invested Times Square with a forested plaza. I previously noted parallels with Stieglitz’s photo of the Flat Iron building and other artists’ works.  In the after image I departed further from those parallels. Again, I wished to push the contrasts and introduce some semi-opaque glazing for atmospheric effects.

Example 5, the study, 24×24.

Example 6, the following  36×36.


A new theme for me this fall was to visually climb inside meadow plants like wild grape or porcelain berry.  This image also received additional selective blue glazing as you can see. (Examples 9 and 10)

Example 9. Porcelain berry, before.

Example 10. Porcelain berry, after.


9 Responses

  1. Therese

    I notice one thing they all have in common – blue/orange. Lovely work David. You really got inside those berries!

  2. Nancy Douglass

    Hi David,

    I find the light and dark contrasts in second works very exciting, they really pop
    with life.

    Love them, thanks for sharing.

  3. Joan Zetka

    Fasciating to see how you’ve reworked these paintings. What medium do you use for semi-opaque glazing?

  4. Janine Robertson

    Beautiful vibrant colors through the addition of glazing.. Wonderful to see the evolution of the paintings and your ideas for constant improvement. Very inspiring!

  5. Mimi Games

    The Porcelain Berry is enlivened by the blue depths and the light glaze seems to make the Times Square/Forrest less ominous.

  6. Patricia Scanlan

    It is so great to see how you continue to explore new ideas. You take a painting
    that is already so wonderful and make it even more exciting. It is interesting to me
    how you keep the clarity of some of these originals, especially Roc Center.

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