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  1. Jennifer Richard-Morrow

    I really hope this project is accomplished. Landscapes Through Time is the only painting show on television for the serious painter.

  2. Gary Berghofer

    I hope this happens I thoroughly enjoyed the original.

    Thanks, David and Connie

  3. William Child

    Years ago I received a Masters Degree in Painting and yet with family and work (as a picture framer go figure) I didn’t get back into the great canvassed field until I started watching “Landscapes Through Time” and David Dunlop rekindled my desire to paint again. Can not imagine a better show to go on and on as long as David is willing!

  4. Connie Simmons

    Thank you for all of your inspiring comments! We would love for the Series to go on and on – we have so many more shows we would like to produce! And your great comments are so heartening for us – thank you so much! And please pass the Kickstarter Project on to your friends – we appreciate it!
    Best, Connie

  5. hida berkelhamer

    I am looking forward to your new show…cannot wait!!!!

    Hida Berkelhamer

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