Painting In A Series

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For centuries artists have prepared their paintings by working out ideas in a series of sketches and  or paintings. They pursue their idea  through distillation, evolution, modification, sequential invention, altered observations and other forms. For example John Constable would begin with a loose small ( only a few inches wide and tall) spontaneous oil sketch then, proceed to slowly enlarge and reconfigure that oil sketch until it would culminate in a much larger exhibition painting.  Claude Monet  painted at least 27 versions of the cathedral at Rouen, France. Each painting was distinguished by its reference to  changing ephemeral light effects on the face of the face of the cathedral. I too, pursue a painting through a series of ideas. Sometimes the ideas all evolve on the surface of a single canvas (or in my case, a sheet of aluminum)  or at other times I try painting through a series of ideas all triggered by the same scene.  Here, I present  five paintings of the same scene  evolving from more naturalistic to more abstract.                                                                                                              .      


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  1. Fredric Neuwirth

    I understand the evolution and it could keep going forever as you change your pallet. What I am finding difficult is how to avoid mud! In other words, keeping the colors fresh and vibrant.. I like the Blog; keep it up.

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