PBS Create will air Landscapes Through Time beginning April 15

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PBS Create will air Seasons 1 & 2 of Landscapes Through Time with David Dunlop beginning April 15, 2018.
We are happy to announce that PBS Create will air Seasons One and Two of Landscapes Through Time with David Dunlop beginning Sunday, April 15, 2018.  Each program will air at  6:30am on Sundays and at 6:30am and 12:30pm on the following Wednesdays.  Please join David and let your local PBS/Create station know if enjoy our programs!   You can check for the PBS Create station in your area by checking here.

We hope that you enjoy the programs.    We will also offer a 20% discount on all of David’s programs during the broadcast period if you use the code “Create” on the shopping cart page.

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  1. Just Dowden

    Really enjoyed watching David create !! We won’t miss another program !

  2. Just Dowden

    Really enjoyed watching David create !! We won’t miss another program !

    Judy Dowden

  3. Joy Osborne

    Love the show on Vincent Van Gogh. I love your excitement and the history you give as you paint and teach. You could really feel Vincent was there. It is such a beautiful, peaceful and spiritual location. Thank you and PBS. I have traveled the world, learning about cultures, food, sewing, anything I need or want to learn about. I love all of the shows on Masterpiece Theater.
    Sincerely, a faithful PBS member.


    I cannot find when San Francisco’s KQED will air Season 2 in April 2018 or any time thereafter. Can you help? thanks.

  5. C E Easton Sr

    Caught the airing of VanGogh’s life and works on Sunday morning Create. I learned more about the artist and his painting style in this brief program than any other art program presented on Television. David Dunlop not only presented the information in a very palatable format, but demonstrated his own great talent in not only painting his own work, but accenting one of his student’s work. I loved the show and plan on at least trying a VanGogh style work of my own. (I will only be drinking coffee or tea, however.)

  6. Linda Leone

    I missed the 1st episode ? will it be on again ..Van Gogh? I watch Create on channel 289 … NHPTC on Metrocast . My zip code is 03867

  7. Judy Brousseau

    So happy to see you back! Create had taken all the great artists off the air. We miss them all

  8. Joe Campise

    We just caught this show for the first time today on Create and David is fabulous!!. We loved the education he gives us about the artist.. (saw Renoir ) and his painting techniques….just wish he some paintings with acrylics….
    Keep up the great work !!!!

  9. Dale Lopez

    I was surprised while “channel surfing” to find the April 18 show about water lilies on Create.TV (58.3) in Los Angeles. I have always enjoyed looking at Impressionist paintings and now I will never look at them the same way again. Thanks for demonstrating how these amazing “masters” created their paintings.

  10. Gina

    I was fortunate to catch several of David Dunlap’s informative TV programs. Since I also instruct I wish to know the name of the French colorist/scientist: Greuelle. I heard David mention his ‘one of a kind’ book on the science of color. My students would enjoy knowing of this as well. The name was either Michelle (Michael) or Jacque Greuelle. Please inform. Thank you

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