SATURDAY, APRIL 11th at 1PM EDT – Join David Dunlop for his First Live On-Line Streaming Workshop

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Saturday, APRIL 11th at 1:00pm EDT
We would love to have you join David on Saturday, April 11th at 1:00pm EDT for our very first one-hour live on-line streaming workshop. You will be able to watch the workshop/class by going to our website and clicking on the Workshop button on our home page. That will take you to a web page that should have the streaming class available during the period 1pm EDT to 2pm EDT. We will be in Connecticut, so it will be 1:00pm Connecticut time, which is on Eastern Daylight Time.

Our first On-line Workshop will be FREE, and you will be able to tweet or email questions to David during the workshop.  The workshop/class will feature David’s discussion and demonstrations, as well as questions from you, the viewer. This will be our first experiment at finding a format that we will all enjoy together.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Workshop 1 – Into the Woods
April 11,  2015  1-2PM EDT (One-hour class)
The Workshop will focus on different painting techniques and models used in painting a forest.  David discusses historic ideas, palettes, vocabulary, intentions and methods.  Reaching back to 17th century landscape painters, we will explore how they sketched, composed, and painted.  David will use contemporary techniques as well to demonstrate current developments in landscape painting and paint a demonstration painting of a forest in oil, beginning with composition designs and a preliminary watercolor sketch.

14 Responses

  1. Michael McBride

    Can’t wait! Already have set a calendar reminder! Maybe David could publish a materials list on his web site prior to the web cast? Just a thought.

  2. Rita

    Awesome !!!! I already have all of your DVDs David, I can’t wait to watch this workshop 🙂 Thank you

  3. Susan

    It will be 7am my time (HST). Will have morning coffee in hand, computer running and will be at ready to absorb David’s words of wisdom. What a great way to start a day!

  4. Isabelle Hunt Johnson

    I am in Australia at the moment- Eastern Standard time
    looking forward to viewing the workshop but time will be 2am.Is there a chance of viewing it later or getting a copy on my iPad?
    I am holidaying here but live in Canada.

  5. Bill Moehl

    Hope I’m not the LONE subscriber to the workshop. Haven’t heard David speak live since his great benefit presentation at our renown PBS facility KETC-Channel 9. His vivid presentation of history and the clarity with which he describes the actual “academic techniques” makes you feel like you could paint a landscape as fine as those mentioned in the lesson !

  6. Carol Mueller

    I marked the date and I am looking forward to your live on-line streaming workshop! Count me in!

  7. Jan burgess

    3or4other artist friends (my art groupies) will join me here to watch your demo. I just hope we can figure out how to transfer it to the tv!

  8. Sylvia

    Looking forward to today’s presentation! I hope my Internet Provider (Charter Communication) is working this morning without any down time here in Manchester, Missouri. Sylvia

  9. Larry Harris

    Thank you for giving your free workshop today.
    I really enjoyed it and found it very inspiring.
    Your insight into the mind’s perception and how we view a painting was great. I also believe your delivery of the thought processes involved was excellent.
    I can not wait until your next online Workshop.
    Thank you again.

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