Season One of Landscapes Through Time with David Dunlop is now scheduled on the PBS Create Channel starting Wednesday, January 8th

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We are happy that Season One of Landscapes Through Time with David Dunlop is now scheduled on the PBS Create Channel starting Wednesday, January 8th. The 13 episodes will be broadcast on Wednesday and Sundays (6:30am and at noon on Wednesdays and then 6:30am on Sundays). (PBS Create broadcasts an afternoon of cooking programs on Sundays, so Landscapes Through Time is only available in the mornings on Sundays.)  You can check the PBS Create schedule in your area here.

If you would like, please let PBS Create know if you have enjoyed our programs! Thank you!   We are working to complete our Season Two, so we will post that when it is available. See you there!

David in Monet's Garden








Happy New Year from Connie and David!


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  1. Kate

    I am so incredibly excited about this! Landscapes Through Time is a family favourite in our home. The show is beyond inspiring and fantastically informative. My support for the program is so strong that in the past I have contacted Create, asking them to please add it to their schedule.
    Thanks for spreading and cultivating the love of art!

  2. Ruth

    I’m so thankful to PBS Create Channel for showing Landscapes Through Time with David Dunlop. I enjoyed it so much and will be looking forward for more episodes.

  3. M. Christopher

    I watched your program on PBS last season. Then I bought it. Please let me know when season 2 is available for purchase. Apparently, the PBS station here is not going to carry your program this time.

  4. Bruce Layman

    I find the education provided inspiring. Love the information and demonstrations.

  5. Sylvia Keller

    I just discovered your program on my local PBS Create Station and I’m totally inspired by your free style of painting. Love to find out where I can purchase Anodized Aluminum panels as you used in some of your recent paintings. I am now looking forward to see if my station will keep showing your wonderful instructional painting lessons.

  6. Cheri

    Just happened across your program #6 on Turner in the middle of the night and was fascinated by it. It was a bright spot in a wakeful night! I am going to contact my daughter in St. Louis who is in the St. Louis Watercolor Society to be sure she knows about your series. I also plan to look up other times for viewing so I can see the rest!

  7. debra k.

    I came across post this a few weeks late to catch the first couple shows here in the Boston area on CREATE tv. I’m sorry to have missed them, as I’ve enjoyed the ones on JMW Turner, Etretat and American Impressionists in Giverny, to date.
    David, I find your approach to each subject fresh and fascinating, and enjoy the historical aspects immensely. I can only imagine if my professors at art school would have taught in this way, I’m sure I would have doodled less in my sketchbook during lectures!
    Excellent series – I look forward to the remainder and also to the upcoming Season II!

  8. Laura Soucy

    David’s show is very informative and educational. I love all the art history facts woven in with the actual techniques. The show is inspirational.
    Laura Soucy

    • admin

      Dear Laura – David and I love to hear that you have enjoyed the series! Thank you for letting us know – we are thrilled to receive your comment!
      Best, Connie

  9. Sally Dutton

    Thank you so very much for showing “landscapes through time”, the episodes are fantastic and very informative, as a somewhat painter I appreciate the history as well as the insight into the artist and his ‘eye’… David does a wonderful job taking us back to the original creative process for each work…Thank you again, Sally

    • admin

      Dear Sally – David and I are so happy that you have enjoyed the series! He is my painting teacher as well, and I am always amazed at his ability to make art and art history come alive!
      Thank you again!.

      Best, Connie

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