Distorting Linear Perspective

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     Flying Down to Raleigh-Durham NC from NYC, I caught this view (see photo) over the Bronx and Manhattan. It coincides well with Leon Bastista Alberti’s  1436 diagram from his book, ” Della Pittura”.   Alberti’s diagram was to instruct Renaissance artists in the use of linear perspective.  The line at the bottom of the diagram along the horizontal baseline ( or ground plane ) has been marked into equal units with lines receding back to the vanishing points. In my photograph you can see New York’s illuminated avenues serve as the diagonal recessionals receding toward the horizon ( sight line). I artificially stretched the image in  “Photo Elements” to amplify the drama of the view.  Similarly, I simplified and exaggerated the street view perspective of Times Square with  its dancing buildings andtilting blurred bus. And, like Alberti’s design I have marked off diagonal recessionals along the bottom of the picture ( ground plane). Exaggeration amplifies the psychological effect according to neuro-science researcher V.S. Ramachandran. I agree.

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