Reversing Color Perspectives

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The conventional notion of presenting color in perspective is to  have the warm colors recede into cool. This was an observation of Leonardo da Vinci as he looked at his Tuscan Landscape. However, if other perspective conventions are followed such as, linear perspective, the perspective of occlusion(overlapping forms), the perspective of greater to lesser edge articulation(foveal perspective) and there is an overall design structure which invites the viewer back into space then, inverting one of perspective’s standards(i.e. warm to cool) will add to a painting’s dramatic effect.  Here the blue area is clearly in front of the reds and yellows. The effect is that orange pushes blue to the viewer.

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  1. Nancy Hughes Miller

    Hi David – I am still thinking about all I learned today from you and hope to continually be inspired by your words and your demonstrations! Excellent workshop and I hope to participate in another in the future.
    sincere regards,

  2. Nancy H. Mabes

    Just want to thank you for the wonderful workshop at AOC this weekend. Linear Perspective. . . (Made Easy!) You bring such a broad knowledge base to your work and I appreciate your willingness to share it. Between attending your workshop on perspective and assisting with the color workshop given by artist Bob Way I have enough new information to keep me working for years. (And I plan to dazzle my students with the “glow” of this newly acquired brilliance!) Inspiration is everywhere.
    Thanks Again,
    Nancy Mabes

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