Layered Pictures

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I’m traveling now and, I’m about to conduct a perspective workshop here in Raleigh-Durham N.C. for Jerry’s Artarama. I will begin with an explanation of linear single point perspective and then branch out.  Above are two pictures of the same painting. In the diagram-superimposed version  you see two sets of black converging lines meeting a red central vanishing point.  This is single point perspective times two. Linear perspective depends upon a single fixed unmoving eye. That’s not how our vision works but, it’s how linear perspective works. We move our eye around constantly changing our lines of sight (sight lines). That means we keep moving the horizon line, the line on which we find our vanishing points for linear perspective.  We also look at one scene and we are reminded of others. Our eyes see one place but our memory can conjure another place. In my painting I found myself in New York’s Grand Central Station and thinking about how evolved from Roman architecture. I felt I was walking through time. That idea led me to the two sight lines, the two different central vanishing points and the merged images of the Roman forum with the interior of Grand Central Station.

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