NEW 2-Hr Workshop on SATURDAY, JANUARY 20, 2024 at 1:00pm EST – Glittering Light and Reflections on a Sunlit Woodland Pond

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SATURDAY – JANUARY 20, 2024 – Join David on January 20, 2024 Live Online from his Studio for the Glittering Light and Reflections on a Sunlit Woodland Pond Workshop. In this Workshop David will demonstrate the complexity of painting a sunlit woodland pond. He will explore how painters throughout time have approached painting the fascinating elements of still and moving water and their glittering reflections. David will show different compositions and will demonstrate how colors, reflections and values change depending upon their relation to the water surface and the sky. David will demonstrate different palette choices and how the juxtaposition of warm and cool and complementary colors can alter the sunlit dimensions of the painting. He will also demonstrate how different brushes and other tools can be used to create the feeling of the layered entanglements found in a woodland pond. There are NO Individual Painting Critiques in this Workshop.

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