Water Garden For A Blue Heron

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A visit to China 1000 years ago will find you in the Sung Dynasty, a period of unequalled landscape painting. The emperor had established an academy for artists. Painting and calligraphy were deeply connected. Gestures of the brush revealed energy, movement, and meaning whether making pictures or Mandarin letter/characters. Practiced and diversified brush handling determined success.
Looking at their motifs and the brushwork can inspire us today. As you will see I was inspired to borrow attitudes, titling, brushwork and themes from these antique painting masters.
Wen T’ung of the Sung Dynasty shows us delicate and facile brushwork in his expression of turning bamboo leaves (example 1) made in ink. A half century later an anonymous artist painted this fan shaped image of Egrets over Water Reeds (example 2). Here we again see similar brushwork evoking the feeling of the leaves of water reeds but, deeper space is created by overlapping the foreground flora over the paler, smaller, distant, and different set of grasses

Example 1. Wen T’ung of the Sung Dynasty,

Example 2. Anonymous, Egrets Over Water Reeds,

Two centuries after Wen T’ung’s painting Chao Meng-Chien would create a long horizontal scroll of narcissus bending in a breeze (example 3). The gentle overlapping Narcissus fronds interweave like a loosely woven basket. And, in example 4 from Ni Zan of the 14th century I present a vertical landscape apparently divided into two discreet areas. The absence of information in the mid-zone was deliberate and intended to be read as great poetic space.

Example 3. Chao Meng-Chien, Narcissus 13th century,

Example 4, Ni Zan, 14th century,

My own painting examples will borrow and newly contextualize these Chinese ideas. I will also use what later 20th century Chinese painters call “heavy color”. In the 1950’s Maoist artists relied on strong (or heavy) color and sharp outlines to help with the reproduction of their paintings into poster form.
Example 5 illustrates my first step, an abstract expressionist mélange of colors which will be further delineated into smaller defined patterns and lines as you see in step two, Example 6. Example 6 presents an image with an area of absence toward the top before finally defining the distant horizon as seen in Ni Zan’s work. I use the Maoist heavy color system of the 1950’s to create a strong graphic effect. I use the overlapping shape systems of the Anonymous “Egrets over Reeds” artist and, I use the more compressed spatial system seen in Chao Meng-Chien’s Narcissus. I even ventured to title this work in a manner reminiscent of the poetic titling system of the Chinese.

Example 5. Step one of “Water Garden for a Blue Heron”

Example 6. Step two (present state) of “Water Garden for a Blue Heron”,

My final example also relies on the theme of a cultivated meditative garden. Example 7 “In the Jade Water Garden” more obviously uses an analogous or, limited palette with varieties of stroke marks to indicate density and diversity of flora.

Example 7. “In a Jade Water Garden” an oil on brushed silver enameled laminated aluminum,

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